Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trying to develop world class pinch grip strength?
All athletes need to develop their grip, along with their entire body, to "complete the chain" and ensure they are able to generate maximum power. Train your hands and you will be able to smoke a hockey goal, take a lacrosse shot, catch that ball or control your opponent. If you cannot use your hands efficiently and prevent fatigue - then you will fail. Check out this article, "I Want a Pony" for creative ways to turn your hands into crushing machines.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The most insane, never before seen Kettlebell drills and exercises. They will test your explosive starting strength, your dynamic proprioception, your functional grip strength and your desire to be the best. These Kettlebell eBooks are intense, maybe that is why they have a WARNING LABEL! Don’t get scared, get prepared.
Kettlebells will help you and your athletes develop a solid strength foundation, greater flexibility (and strength through that increased ROM), muscular endurance, accelerated recovery, increased grip strength, correction of weaknesses and the generation of power / explosive and starting strength.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Alexander Karelin became an Olympic champion three times: in 1988, 1992 and 1996 years. He won Europe championship 12 times and Russian championship – 13 times."
Alexander's Official Site - Click Here
Alexander Training (video clip) - Click Here
Great site with information about Paul Anderson - Click Here
Video of Paul Anderson in competition - Click Here
These athletes were legends and their training was unique. The Diesel Crew drives innovation toward the same ideals.
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What can the Diesel Method do for you?

Athlete Profile: Mark Bailey

Before we got a hold of Mark Bailey, he was sucked out - down to 160 lbs and beat up from his 2003-2004 Scholastic wrestling season. We took a look at his nutrition, flexibility, strength and performance goals for the upcoming 2004-2005 season. We developed a strategy to help him achieve his goals and along the way, make him a machine.

Here is Mark in June of 2004.

We took Mark into our program and the Diesel Method changed his life. He used our unique program combining powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting, dinosaur training and grip strength exercises to create unreal power. He knew he would have to work hard but he also knew - with the Diesel Method - he would have the kind of season he always dreamed about.

Here is Mark in August of 2004.

After correcting his diet and introducing Mark to complex, multi-joint movements, his bodyweight went from 160 lbs to 189 lbs at the end of the summer. He was rock solid and in training, he was moving huge weights explosively. The carry over was very apparent during the first practice of the 2005 season, where he was taking his team mates and throwing them around like rag dolls. The Diesel Method was expanded even further during this training period with Mark. The Grappling Conditioning I and II DVD series was born. It shows coaches, trainers and athletes how to maintain the strength developed in the off season while they are practicing everyday. You will be able to take the bodyweight exercises in our DVD series and workout right in the mat room or on the field - before, during or after practice! Rugby players and firemen have also discovered the benefits of our Grappling Conditioning series.

Mark took 3rd in States for New York - District IV in the 2004-2005 season.

Click Here - to see Mark hitting a massive continental (strongman) clean and push press at a bodyweight of only 198 lbs.

Click Here - to see Mark's Section IV Wrestling Championships win to go to States!

Click Here - to see Mark doing a get-up with an Atlas stone!

What is the Diesel Method?

VISION: Increasing strength through the entire functional movement pattern specific to the Athlete’s sport through the use of complex, multi-joint, closed chain exercises – with the goal of maximizing the potential to generate explosive power.

PROTOCOL: Incorporating and modifying - through “Extension of the Movement” - all aspects of Weightlifting (Clean & Jerk, Snatches and all transitional exercises), Powerlifting (Bench, Deadlift and Squat), Strongman (Atlas Stones, Yoke, Logs, Farmers Walk, Conan's Wheel, Viking Press, Axle, Tractor Tires), Dinosaur (Thick Ropes, Kegs, Rocks, Thick Handled Dumbbells, Chains), Kettlebell (Conventional and Non-Conventional Exercises) and Grip Strength (All Aspects; Crush, Support, Pinch, Levering, Tearing, Bending) to build the complete Athlete.