Thursday, November 30, 2006

Amazing Courage!

I was watching TV tonight and came across a show on the Discovery Channel. Surgery Saved My Life! They were profiling extreme spinal surgery and they profiled two kids. Two kids who were the bravest kids I have ever seen. So innocent and so full of life. These kids had terrible twisted spines - the worst, as bad as you could ever imagine. The one young boy, they said, had likely contracted polio as an infant, which demolished his spine over 10 years.

The group who did these surgeries was FOCUS, founded by a Dr. Bewagi (sp?). This guy was a Saint! I couldn't find the website, but if you do - DONATE to it - and send me the link! You really get to see how amazing modern technology is, and how far it has come.

The fear in their eyes before their surgery was horrible. But they were so brave and just wanted to have a better life. Their stories really inspired me.

Go home, kiss your kids and your wife and be thankful for all your blessings!

The Diesel Crew

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't Miss the Point!

Check out this recent news story.

They're missing the point! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CHAIR! GET MOVING!

If you have to sit for long durations, get up every 20 minutes or so and perform some quick mobility drills, reach over head or take a walk!

The Diesel Crew

PS Chaos is coming!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Get Your Balance On!

This video is one of the most impressive displays of balance and kinesthetic awareness I have ever seen. Renowned strength coach Jamie Hale posted this video of Rodney Mullen.

The Diesel Crew

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Are You Overtrained?

In my recent interview for website, I discussed how powerful of an indicator the hands are for determining your level of overtraining.

Here is the excerpt:

Remember the hands are a direct indicator of the CNS and subsequently can provide you with direct feedback of overtraining. Have you ever gone into the gym for a workout and the weights felt “cold” or you’re hands “hurt” when lifting the weights? This is an immediate red flag that you are overtrained.

My good friend Alwyn Cosgrove wrote to me after Mike's newsletter went out and he said "...that is exactly how I feel!" Alwyn's is going through a battle right now and his immunity is real low - BUT HE IS STILL TRAINING! He confirmed that the weights did feel cold to him.

Check out my hands after today's push / pull workout.

They're torn up - and really "tired." Check out this high volume workout....

We did:

1) Clean & Jerk

2) Push Press


3B) Chest Supported Rows

4A) Incline Press

4B) Dips

After all the cleans and heavy RDL's - my hands were beat up. I NEED SOME RECOVERY! Contrast baths, good nutrition and some rest.

If the weights feel heavy or cold, or you just feel like you never warm up - you are probably overtrained! Take a day off!

Don't forget to check out the interview I did with Mike a while back - packed with a ton of information - Click Here.
Train smart, train hard,
The Diesel Crew

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Amazing Strength!

Check this out - talk about powerful relative strength. His grip is pretty good too :)

The Diesel Crew

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Great Message!

Just received this from Ryan Lee's newsletter and it made my day!

The Diesel Crew

Saturday, November 04, 2006


The Drexel video is done and it is huge! Approximately 20 minutes, but well worth the download.

Check it out here

You'll see some amazing footage, including a 50" jump on 1 foot, triple clap pushups and a 360 lb stone lift at 170 lbs bodyweight!

Stay Diesel,

The Diesel Crew
Good Luck AJ!

Our boy AJ Roberts is competing in the WPO NY Semi's this weekend in Lake George, NY. AJ is in the superheavyweight class and is unbelievably strong.

Check out his website I met AJ at a seminar this year and we both got to play around with a 120 lb sandbag.

Check out the video - click here.

Lots of big things are going to be happening for the Crew in the remainder of this year and into 2007.

Stay tuned, stay DIESEL!

The Diesel Crew

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sick Grip Strength!

Here's Evan, an amateur MMA fighter putting the hurt on a deck of cards. Look at the muscles in his forearms!

Do you think he is building functional grip strength endurance? Of course! Do not be locked into the same old routines!

Check out this quick routine incorporating Grip:

Focus: Upper Body & Crush

i. Dynamic Warmup

ii. Mobility

iii. Foam Roller

1) Power Hang Cleans

2A) Military Press

2B) Posterior Flyes

3A) Pull-ups

3B) Face Pulls

Quick and Easy!

Each exercise above can be done with an olympic bar, dumbbell, kettlebell or sandbag.

Switch it up!


The Diesel Crew

Homemade Equipment!

A great post by Scott on A ton of useful information for building or creating your own, homemade equipment.

Thanks Scott for compiling this comprehensive list!

The Diesel Crew

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Paul Anderson Tribute

One of the strongest men of all time - here is a very cool tribute!

The Diesel Crew