Thursday, March 23, 2006


Want to pump up your posterior chain, correct an imbalance or rehab an injury? Sled Dragging will accomplish all 3. Essential for any serious athlete, Sled Dragging will give you the competive edge and provide you with the essential non-conventional training to become a champion.

Todd Wilson's new Sled Dragging II - The Fundamentals article - Check it out!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It is finally done - Diesel Crew's - Grappling Conditioning II !!! Go to our Grappling Page and check it out.

This DVD contains more advanced Bodyweight drills and exercises that can be done right in the matroom, in the ring, on the field. MMA, Rugby players and firemen are just a few of the individuals who have ordered the first installment - and loved it!


Ask Todd Wilson - In this weeks installment: How to target the lower hamstrings?, What to focus on to increase the vertical jump?, Are deadlifts bad for my back?, Why do my hips tuck under during a squat?


I remember watching this documentary on bouncers for bars and nightclubs and one guy stuck out in my mind. He was an older guy from England and he had a heavy, deep voice that was unforgettable. What really caught me off guard was how he explained everything - it was very mesmerizing. He was matter-a-fact about everything when he was describing from his horrible childhood to his fights - and you could tell he was tough!

This guy was
Lenny "The Guv'nor" Mclean. He was a bare-knuckle champion and won, by all accounts, thousands of fights. I did some research on him and found his site. In his later years, he turned to acting and his most famous role was in Guy Ritchie's "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" - Check it out if you get the chance - I did just recently myself.

The Guv'nor died in 1998 of brain and lung cancer.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Steinborn Lift

Henry Steinborn "Milo" - the 1920 German national weightlifting champion invented the Steinborn Lift. It is a lift that starts with a loaded bar standing vertical, lowered onto the shoulders and then the lifter performs a squat. Very difficult lift that taxes the core including the obliques, erectors, hip complex, hamstrings, gluteals and upper back musculature.

Wanna see a video? Click Here

The Diesel Crew keeping OLD SCHOOL ALIVE!


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Check out Mark Bailey crushing stones and crushing his opponents.

Atlas Stone Getup from the Ground
(Extension of the Movement)

Hitting a Suplex with Triple Extension

Mark subscribed to the Diesel Method and utilized the bodyweight conditioning in our Grappling Conditioning DVD series - Check it out.

Mark also just competed in the CandyAzz Classic 2006.

Check out his monster lifts!

Video of Mark's squat - Click Here

Video of Mark's bench - Click Here

Video of Mark's dead - Click Here