Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some Push / Pull Workout Videos

Here are two new videos for you. Special thanks to Malcolm for the great feedback! Also, if you want to see Eli and my push/pull workout from this week.

Here is the overview:

1A) Close Grip Bench
Felt weak on these...
1B) Tbar Rows
Worked up to four plates and a quarter
2A) Incline Bench
Felt weak on these...
2B) Pull-ups
Eli hit six reps at a bodyweight of 280
3A) One Arm Rows
Worked up to 6 reps with 165 on the loadable handle
3B) Face Pulls
Hit two versions
4A) Shrugs
Felt weak on these...
4B) DB Curls
Worked up to 75's for 3, felt weak on these...
Speed Bag
Foam roller/tennis ball
Quad Stretch