Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Sh*t Hits the...

Here is a post from Mr. Ross Enamait. I wanted to highlight a few statements Ross made. Without a doubt, the internet is one of the best and worst inventions, at the same time.

It seems someone was calling out Ross on his abilities, when he was just trying to comment and discuss a topic in an educated manner.

A few highlights:

"Life is too short already, so why waste it hating on others. Spend the time working to improve yourself, and we’ll all be better off."

"I respect anyone who busts his or her ass in the gym. I have no respect however for those who have nothing better to do than criticize or doubt those who really do put in the work. What is wrong with these people? Why not spend the time improving yourself, rather than trying to hate on others?"

Why not just be happy that each day you can train, be with your family and be thankful of blogs, sites and forums that provide you with the education to help you achieve your goals.

The Diesel Crew