Thursday, November 30, 2006

Amazing Courage!

I was watching TV tonight and came across a show on the Discovery Channel. Surgery Saved My Life! They were profiling extreme spinal surgery and they profiled two kids. Two kids who were the bravest kids I have ever seen. So innocent and so full of life. These kids had terrible twisted spines - the worst, as bad as you could ever imagine. The one young boy, they said, had likely contracted polio as an infant, which demolished his spine over 10 years.

The group who did these surgeries was FOCUS, founded by a Dr. Bewagi (sp?). This guy was a Saint! I couldn't find the website, but if you do - DONATE to it - and send me the link! You really get to see how amazing modern technology is, and how far it has come.

The fear in their eyes before their surgery was horrible. But they were so brave and just wanted to have a better life. Their stories really inspired me.

Go home, kiss your kids and your wife and be thankful for all your blessings!

The Diesel Crew