Saturday, November 18, 2006

Are You Overtrained?

In my recent interview for website, I discussed how powerful of an indicator the hands are for determining your level of overtraining.

Here is the excerpt:

Remember the hands are a direct indicator of the CNS and subsequently can provide you with direct feedback of overtraining. Have you ever gone into the gym for a workout and the weights felt “cold” or you’re hands “hurt” when lifting the weights? This is an immediate red flag that you are overtrained.

My good friend Alwyn Cosgrove wrote to me after Mike's newsletter went out and he said "...that is exactly how I feel!" Alwyn's is going through a battle right now and his immunity is real low - BUT HE IS STILL TRAINING! He confirmed that the weights did feel cold to him.

Check out my hands after today's push / pull workout.

They're torn up - and really "tired." Check out this high volume workout....

We did:

1) Clean & Jerk

2) Push Press


3B) Chest Supported Rows

4A) Incline Press

4B) Dips

After all the cleans and heavy RDL's - my hands were beat up. I NEED SOME RECOVERY! Contrast baths, good nutrition and some rest.

If the weights feel heavy or cold, or you just feel like you never warm up - you are probably overtrained! Take a day off!

Don't forget to check out the interview I did with Mike a while back - packed with a ton of information - Click Here.
Train smart, train hard,
The Diesel Crew